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Welcome to AlienRPG!

Current Build Level: alpha

AlienRPG is currently in the alpha phase of development. This means that you are free to sign up to play AlienRPG, but your experience will be equivalent to that of the first group of brave monkeys launched into space. There are portions of ARPG that are not completed or even present yet, but we welcome your enthusiasm and participation in this stage of the game.

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What is AlienRPG all about?

AlienRPG is an online browser based game that puts a player in control of a division of a race of aliens. The player is given a home planet from which they can start their empire. The player's goal is to build an empire that is both rich and expansive. To accomplish this goal the player must venture out into the surrounding solar systems and galaxies, conquering enemies and forging alliances while maintaining economic stability. The player can create a wide array of structures with which he or she can amass wealth via the collection of resources or expand his or her empire to the further reaches of space. Additionally, the player must ensure not only the survival but the flourishing of his or her race through technological advancements.


  • Tarsids

    Description: The race closest to humans in that they have two arms, two legs, a head, and a torso. Their slightly smaller heads and grayish skin set them apart. Taller than most humans, no eyelids, and eyes all pupils. They think in a linear fashion, and as such their imaginations leave something to be desired. The upside of this is that they excel at mathematics. Their first name denotes their distinction from the rest of their sect. Their second name they share with the rest of their sect. They prefer and for the most part have chosen a monarchy. They maintain close ties with humanity in order to benefit from mankind's imagination and outside-the-box thinking.

  • Humans

    Description: Humans originated in the Sol solar system. Fairly intelligent and highly imaginative, they easily adapt to most situations and environments. Being highly skilled warriors, many sects turn mercenary. With an above average reproductive rate, they quickly ran out of room in their home solar system and started to expand. The first race they met were the Tarsids, and the two races quickly became allies. Humans prefer a republic, yet some sects have drifted away from that form of government. Despite having met other races, humans aren't unified as a whole, therefore, not all sects/nationalities are governed by one government.

  • Myras

    Description: A sneaky, backwards race. Ninety percent of all thieves and assassins in the universe are of Myran origin. There is no government structure for the Myras, nor is there really any affiliation between them that has any real meaning. Myran people are born into Vects that determine which completely illegal path they will follow for the rest of their lives. Extremely cold-hearted, they none-the-less do not make good soldiers or diplomats. A sect in the Myras does not have a home planet and will start in the neutral area.

  • Zakros

    Description: A race of telepaths, however, their telepathic abilities only work on each other. Their ability to communicate without speaking over fairly large distances facilitates their communication networks. Their entire society and technology are based on this ability. The eldest sages are able to communicate over any distance, few sages reach this level so infinite communication is not widespread. Zakro technology is a mixture of biological and mechanical means. As such, their ships and machinery respond to their mental commands, and are also capable of healing themselves. This unique mixture also prevents the piracy of Zakro vessels due to the lack of physical controls.

  • Seeren

    Description: The Seeren long ago forewent the task of bettering themselves. They instead took the path of chaos. There is really no other purpose in life for a Seeren than to end lives. For centuries they killed each other until the only thing that could unite them happened: a chance to slaughter others. A group of ill-fated Zakros arrived on the planet and were killed. For the first time ever, research took place to build spaceships to carry the horde to other planets. Now the different sects fight for the most kills.

  • Scren

    Description: A race of artificially intelligent machines created by The Progenitors of the universe. Hundreds of thousands of years after they were made, they are still magnitudes more powerful than any computer in existence. Programmed to learn and duplicate, they none-the-less lack true imagination. Ever since the Progenitors left, they have since carved a place for themselves in the universe. They aren't a warring race, but have the programming to be extremely formidable opponents. They refuse to ally themselves with any other race, preferring instead to remain neutral.

  • The Corporation

    Description: A race that has formed itself into one massive corporation. Controllers of the stock market. Without The Corporation, commerce between different, unallied races could not exist. Unallied races do not trade amongst themselves, but instead buy and sell goods and services through the Corporation. The Corporation also keeps track of all companies in the races it deals with in order to maintain the Universal Stock Market. They usually do not attack, however, their defensive capabilities are the greatest in the universe, with even the most lowly cargo ship being a formidable target.


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